Market-defining research

We are research-led by nature. We invest in, and partner on, practice areas that contribute to greater transparency, understanding and action on climate.
Specifically, our research agenda looks to improve our ratings processes and platform, promoting the Voluntary Carbon Market and its market function, and broader climate action and Net Zero.
Geospatial and Earth Observation

Intelligent application of Earth observation technologies for project assessment and monitoring.

From space-borne sensors to in situ measurement, we combine the latest remote sensing technologies with traditional field surveys and advanced geospatial analysis, to quantify and contextualise changes in ecosystem carbon and other components of the global climate system.
Our remote sensing experts, machine learning engineers and field ecologists work with local scientists from around the world, to research project-level uncertainties in methodology, carbon estimation and change detection across all ecosystem types.
Natural Capital

Exploring ways to protect, value and restore ecosystem assets.

Nature-based Solutions are an essential part of the climate response, both in mitigating carbon emissions and adapting to locked-in change. The stock of Natural Capital provides an essential flow of benefits, yet this stock is often eroded because it is not properly valued.
Our team researches natural capital assets, including carbon, wildlife and benefits to local communities, such as food, fibre and clean water. Our work extends across all habitats, terrestrial and marine, and aims to simultaneously address both climate and biodiversity.
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Net Zero Insights

Understanding emitters, and how they can reach Net Zero.

We see climate change from an assets and liability management perspective. How countries, corporates and consumers transition to a lower carbon economy, and the policies and investments they make, are just as important as the asset side of the equation.
Our team of industrial engineers and decarbonisation experts assess the thorniest parts of Net Zero transition, including custom Life Cycle Assessments, complex scope 3 interactions, climate target modelling and building assessments frameworks for pioneering Net Zero technologies or products.
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Carbon Removal

Accelerating awareness and understanding in the world of engineered Carbon Dioxide Removal.

More than 10 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide will need to be sequestered by 2050 if we are to have any hope of limiting warming to below two degrees.
A vital part of the global transition to Net Zero is engineered solutions. Technologies such as direct air capture, biochar, enhanced weathering, CCS with mineralisation, and bio-energy with carbon capture and storage need to be scaled up urgently.
Our team of environmental and industrial policy researchers and carbon removal scientists interrogate all types of tech removal solutions, at all stages of their development. We aim to increase transparency and technical knowledge that accelerates the sector’s development.
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Markets and Policy

Interrogating and accelerating market structure and development.

The market for ecosystem assets, including carbon, needs to scale urgently but the challenge is to make them as investable as traditional financial asset classes. The evolving policy mechanisms, market structures and information rails will play a key role in making that happen.
Our Markets and Policy team combines experience across carbon market and investment strategy research, government, and climate policy. They provide tools, commentary and research to understand the emerging carbon asset class and policy environment.
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