Leadership team


Seb and Tommy founded BeZero Carbon in 2020. Their aim was to tackle climate problems by combining capital markets research practices with environmental sciences and technology. Within two years, the BeZero Carbon Rating was launched, a publicly available risk metric to understand quality, and scale investment in carbon projects.

Leadership team

A multidisciplinary team with experience in climate, ratings, data science, financial markets, and scaling businesses. 

Advisory Board

An independent Advisory Board of eminent sustainability leaders and researchers in climate science and environmental economics. The board provides critical insight on a range of topics, from environmental and energy policy, through to green finance and the challenges and opportunities in carbon market development.

  • Cameron Hepburn profile image

    Cameron Hepburn

    Professor of Environmental Economics at the University of Oxford

  • Dr Pernille Holtedahl profile image

    Dr Pernille Holtedahl

    Research Fellow at Imperial College London’s Centre for Climate Finance and Investment

  • Alicia Seiger profile image

    Alicia Seiger

    Managing Director of the Sustainable Finance Initiative out of the Standard Doerr School of Sustainability, Lecturer at Stanford Law School

  • Dr Rhian-Mari Thomas profile image

    Dr Rhian-Mari Thomas

    Chief Executive of the Green Finance Institute

  • Dr Laura-Marie Töpfer profile image

    Dr Laura-Marie Töpfer

    Chief Sustainability Officer and Sustainability Area Leader for Western Europe at Microsoft