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BeZero joins forces with leading Earth observation provider Planet

  • BeZero Carbon has partnered with leading Earth observation provider Planet to provide customers with solutions that are powered by Planet data, derived from the largest constellation of Earth imaging satellites.

  • Customers will benefit from high-resolution near real-time monitoring for any rated project, including advanced tree-level forest analytics.

  • BeZero is the first ratings agency to strike a satellite partnership of this scale, and the data collected will further enhance its ratings of carbon projects to support the market to scale.

BeZero Carbon, a global ratings agency for the voluntary carbon market (VCM) has today announced a partnership with Planet Labs PBC (NYSE: PL), a leading provider of daily data and insights about Earth.

This will give BeZero scientists and customers access to Planet’s Forest Carbon Planetary Variable datasets, providing unprecedented insights into forest change and carbon capture at an individual tree level. Customers will also be able to access commercial satellite imagery and derived forest metrics for any carbon credit project rated on BeZero’s platform - enabling them to better understand the likelihood that a carbon credit will deliver on its environmental claims. BeZero is the first carbon ratings agency to strike a satellite partnership of this scale.

Last week, Planet announced the availability of its global, 30-metre Forest Carbon Diligence product and its intent to launch its global 3-metre resolution Forest Carbon Monitoring product in the calendar year 2024. Planet’s global datasets and visual Basemaps provide exceptional resolution, accuracy, frequency, and most importantly - scalability, setting new standards in remote sensing solutions for carbon monitoring. Not only will BeZero clients be able to view changes to carbon stocks, tree height, and canopy cover with high frequency, the additional data provided by Planet satellites will supplement BeZero’s existing ratings analysis and enhance their geospatial techniques.

BeZero continues to pioneer bespoke geospatial solutions in-house at project level, combining satellite data from NASA, the European Space Agency, and now Planet, with a wide range of other datasets and models. BeZero Carbon’s independent ratings assess the quality of carbon credits traded on the VCM and give buyers the tools they need to make informed decisions about the quality of their carbon credit investments. With the VCM projected to scale rapidly in the next decade, this partnership is a further vital step forward in improving integrity and disclosure, which in turn will increase confidence in the market.

Dr Phil Platts, Director of Geospatial and Earth Observation at BeZero Carbon, said:

“We’re excited to be leading the way in cutting-edge geospatial analysis at BeZero Carbon, and this partnership further powers our offering by giving our scientists and customers access to Planet market leading satellite data. Planet’s data complement and enhance our methodologies and analysis, and support our work in providing world-leading ratings to help customers make informed decisions about their carbon credit investments and impact claims.”

David Marvin, Planet Senior Product Manager, said:

“BeZero is conducting exceptional work in the carbon credit industry, helping to bring transparency and tangible insights to their clients. We are very proud that their solutions are powered by Planet data and we look forward to seeing how this partnership can further scale their global sustainability efforts.”

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