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Webinar - Screen Afforestation, Reforestation & Restoration projects with Scorecard

  • Dr Kirti Ramesh
    Director of Carbon Ratings
  • Dr Tomi Turner
    Carbon Ratings Scientist, ARR Lead
  • Ratings

After popular demand, Scorecard is now available for Afforestation, Reforestation & Restoration (ARR) projects. On Monday 26th February BeZero Carbon hosted a webinar and demo to learn about the different factors and questions involved in one of the market's fastest-growing sub-sectors.


What you will get from this webinar

  • Discover how we rate ARR projects and the key drivers of risk we assess in this sub-sector

  • See Scorecard in action with a short platform demo

  • Learn how to self-assess ARR projects at any stage of their lifecycle


What is Scorecard?

​Scorecard is a self-service tool for screening and assessing carbon projects at any stage of their lifecycle. It allows users to self-assess the carbon efficacy of projects through a series of questions on additionality, carbon accounting, and non-permanence risk.

​A first-of-its-kind risk assessment tool, Scorecard leverages our distilled learnings from having rated more than 380 projects. You can learn more by watching our webinar introducing Scorecard and reading our Scorecard insight.


Speaker bios:

​Dr Kirti Ramesh, Director of Carbon Ratings at BeZero Carbon:

Kirti leads our team of ratings analysts. Prior to BeZero, Kirti obtained a PhD in Natural Sciences from Kiel University and a Postdoctoral fellowship in coastal climate change from University of Gothenburg. She also holds an MRes in Marine Biology and Sciences from University of Plymouth. Kirti has been published in more than 15 papers, including leading publications such as Nature Communications and Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

Dr Tomi Turner, Carbon Ratings Scientist and ARR Sub-sector Lead at BeZero Carbon:

Tomi holds a PhD in Soil Science from the University of Keele, and an MRes in Environmental Science from University of Aberdeen. He is an expert in soil ecology and geochemistry. Prior to BeZero, Tomi's PhD research focused on the impacts of spreading waste materials from industrial processes on agricultural land, particularly on soil chemistry, macrofauna and microbial populations.