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Screen projects for carbon risks with our new Scorecard

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Scorecard is our risk assessment tool, an innovation designed to help carbon project stakeholders generate their own risk assessment for projects at any stage in their life cycle.

Scorecard is currently available for Avoided Deforestation, Mangrove, Afforestation, Reforestation & Restoration (ARR), Cookstove and Engineered Carbon Removal projects, with more sectors to follow.

The market needs better informed, risk-based thinking. This innovation helps those investing time and money in the market to screen projects, whether proposed, in design or operational.

Assess key risks to carbon efficacy and make informed decisions by leveraging the principles of BeZero’s in-depth ratings methodology and sector-specific know-how. You can also learn more by watching the replay of our webinar where we introduced this first of its kind self-serve risk assessment tool.

Built for you by carbon experts

This self-serve interactive tool was developed by combining the power of our industry-leading team of expert analysts, proprietary models and unique datasets. This involved extensive collaboration between our teams and users to develop a tool which meets the needs of the market. 

The Scorecard helps to build a risk profile of a project’s potential carbon efficacy, enabling users to perform due diligence for live and early stage projects, run multiple scenarios to compare different risk outcomes, as well as screen and shortlist a range of projects. Whilst this market solution was built to assess projects at any stage of their life cycle, we see it as particularly beneficial for pre-issuance credits.

A robust assessment of risk factors for projects at any stage

Leveraging our distilled learnings from having rated over 360 projects, users are guided through a series of questions on key risk factors, such as additionality, carbon accounting and non-permanence. This will then generate an overall score that gives an indicative measure of the project risks based on the answers provided and weightings. It’s important to note that the output is a risk score, not a rating.

For example, it enables users to evaluate many components of financial additionality such as the effect of carbon finance on revenues, cash flows, profitability and investment returns, the robustness and relevance of investment benchmarks used (e.g. IRRs and payback periods), or the role of subsidies and other financing schemes, to name a few.

Flexible to your needs

The Scorecard can be fully tailored to the users’ priorities, so they can adjust the weighting of each risk factor and sub-factor. It is designed as a self-assessment allowing users to evaluate risks differentially, bring together qualitative and quantitative information, and determine the relative importance of various sub-components of each risk factor.

We’re delighted to bring this self-serve tool to the market, providing an instant view to our users on potential risks for projects at any stage. Access the Scorecard on our platform and start a new carbon project risk assessment today. 

Sectors available

As of May 2024, the tool covers the Avoided Deforestation, Mangrove, Afforestation, Reforestation & Restoration (ARR), Cookstoves and Engineered Carbon Removals sectors. This accounts for more than half of issuance in the Nature-Based Solutions Sector Group within the BeZero sector-classified database. Multiple new sub-sectors will be rolled out throughout 2024.

Watch our webinar replays to hear straight from the experts who built the Scorecards, including:

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