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BeZero Carbon Risk Factor series

The BeZero Carbon Rating follows a robust analytical framework involving detailed assessment of critical risk factors affecting the carbon quality of credits issued by the project.

Our Ratings team has written a series of articles unpacking these risk factors and diving into their impact on carbon credit performance.

Click on the links below to find out more about our carbon risk factors:


The risk that a credit purchased and retired does not lead to a tonne of CO₂e being avoided or sequestered that would not have otherwise happened.


The risk that more credits than tonnes of CO₂e achieved are issued by a given project due to factors such as unrealistic baseline assumptions.


The risk that the carbon avoided or removed by the project will not remain so for the time committed and any associated information risk.


The risk that emissions avoided or removed by a project are pushed outside the project boundary.


The risk that the policy environment undermines the project’s carbon effectiveness.