The world's most comprehensive platform of carbon project ratings and research

The BeZero Carbon Markets (BCM) platform has everything you need to know about ratings, risk analytics and research on the Voluntary Carbon Market, all in one place.

BeZero Carbon Markets platform

Access global carbon credit ratings, data and analytics.

BeZero Carbon Markets API

Display BeZero Carbon Ratings on your platform.

BeZero Carbon Markets is a subscription based intelligence platform for the Voluntary Carbon Market.

Our platform gives you access to the world's most comprehensive coverage of carbon credit ratings, and underlying data, research and analytics. Investors, developers, intermediaries and end buyers alike can use the BCM to find and compare projects, accelerate their due diligence, and assess and forecast credit issuance.

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Display BeZero Carbon Ratings on your platform through our API solution

Buyers, sellers and investors can make informed decisions by integrating the BeZero Carbon Rating in their analysis. Help your users act with confidence with an independent risk assessment of carbon credits displayed on your platform.

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