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Webinar - Making Credible Claims

  • Sebastien Cross
    Chief Innovation Officer & Co-founder
  • Markets and Policy
  • Ratings

Making Credible Claims: a risk-adjusted approach to using carbon credits

Making credible claims about carbon credit portfolios is critical for the integrity of the voluntary carbon market. But how exactly can companies use carbon ratings to communicate impact claims in a credible way? 

Our latest webinar and Q&A explored why our new discounting tool is essential for building credible, net zero aligned portfolios. 

We were also delighted to be joined by David Stead, Head of Technological Carbon Removal at Vertree, who brought his perspective on risk-adjusted portfolio construction based on his experience in managing Vertree's large, diverse portfolio of projects and emissions reductions.

Read our round up of the key questions and topics that arose during the webinar. You can also read our white paper, Making Credible Claims: risk-adjusting carbon credits to construct net zero aligned portfolios, which explores the idea of risk-adjusted tonnes of CO2e, and outlines how market participants can make use of discounting in order to build credible carbon portfolios.

The webinar included the following participants: 

  • Sebastien Cross, Chief Innovation Officer & co-founder, BeZero Carbon

  • David Stead, Head of Technological Carbon Removal, Vertree