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Patch and BeZero Carbon partner to bring transparency to the Voluntary Carbon Market

Building on Patch’s API-led infrastructure, the BeZero Carbon Rating will provide independent third-party ratings that assess the carbon efficacy of offset projects. Ratings and supporting insights will help customers understand and engage with analysis of what drives carbon performance across all types of carbon projects. This partnership, between two of the leading climate technology businesses in the US and in Europe, will help scale the Voluntary Carbon Market with information transparency.

Patch and BeZero Carbon are excited to announce a new partnership. Building upon Patch’s API-led infrastructure, the BeZero Carbon Rating will provide credible third-party ratings and detailed analysis on key partner attributes, such as additionality, permanence, leakage, and more. These insights will be available to all of Patch’s customers and serve as crucial guidance for carbon offset and removal purchases across every sector, while Patch provides BeZero Carbon with a direct connection to the market through its infrastructure and relationships.

This is a first-of-its-kind partnership between two fast growing climate technology start-ups. It will enable Patch’s partners such as Ecoera, CarbonCure, Future Forest Company and Neustark to benefit from independent, third party ratings and approbation of their projects. At the same time, customers like Afterpay, Doconomy, Purpose Investments and Persefoni will benefit from a wealth of third party analysis to ensure their purchases align directly with their climate ambitions.

Seb Cross and Tommy Ricketts, co-founders of BeZero Carbon said:

"We're delighted to partner with Patch to showcase our universal ratings capabilities. They are an amazing company with similar goals: to help organisations and individuals take effective, informed climate action. Our risk-based approach rebuilds the link between carbon efficacy and price, so that the market can operate efficiently. With Patch users making decisions powered by BeZero Carbon's ratings approach, we hope more and more people have the tools to make smarter decisions in the carbon markets through this partnership.”

Brennan Spellacy, Co-founder and CEO at Patch, said:

“As we provide the infrastructure for a sustainable economy, it is Patch’s responsibility to build high quality information into the core of our offering - with BeZero Carbon, we empower customers with accessible information and the data they need to build carbon offsetting programs tailored to their needs and priorities.”