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Jurisdictional REDD+ transition

  • Dr Rishi Das
    Lead, NBS Methodologies

Here are some key takeaways

  • REDD+ projects are an important climate finance mechanism that account for the majority of nature-based carbon credits in the voluntary carbon markets. While the majority of REDD+ finance has been supplied by individual projects under standards like VCS, there is a transition to larger scale jurisdictional approaches.

  • Jurisdictional REDD+ (JREDD) can broadly be divided into voluntary carbon market JREDD, and sovereign JREDD. 

  • Many believe that jurisdictional approaches will solve systemic challenges with project-level REDD+, such as over-crediting and leakage, but there are risks to the approach.

  • BeZero’s sub-sector-specific approach to rating Avoided Deforestation projects can be tailored to assessing carbon efficacy in JREDD, incorporating market leading geospatial analysis, global datasets, policy drivers, and socio-economic factors.


  • What are the different types of REDD+?

  • BeZero Carbon Rating for project-level REDD+ credits

  • Rating JREDD credits

  • Conclusion

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