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Deep Dive: Enhanced weathering

Deep dive: Enhanced weathering

  • Alex Luke
    Research Associate
  • Julia Woitischek
    Carbon Ratings Scientist

Here are some key takeaways

  • Enhanced weathering is an emerging method of engineered carbon removal. The method involves spreading ground-up silicate or carbonate rocks atop soils, where they react with atmospheric CO₂ to form bicarbonate and carbonate ions.

  • The market for pre-issuance enhanced weathering credits in the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) is experiencing rapid growth. A number of methodologies have now been developed to verify enhanced weathering removals, and ratings are necessary to understand project-level risks.

  • This deep dive provides a summary of enhanced weathering as an engineered carbon removal method, along with its current state in the VCM and the methodologies available.


  • Summary

  • Overview

  • State of the market

  • Enhanced weathering methodologies

  • Enhanced weathering in the BeZero ratings universe

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