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COP 27 Preview: What is at stake in Sharm El-Sheik?

  • Victoria Harvey
    Carbon Ratings Scientist
  • Stuart Leaver
    Research Associate
  • Finn O'Muircheartaigh
    Director Policy & Markets
  • Torrey Sanseverino
    Research Manager, Sustainable Development Goals
While expectations for COP27 are low, there are some key issues at stake. The BeZero research team discuss the impact COP27 could have on businesses, the carbon removals market and nature based solutions. Negotiations are expected to make progress on several issues, not least Article 6 carbon markets, including the exciting prospect of how to facilitate and support removal technologies. The Egyptian presidency has prioritised adaptation for this COP, which should help to focus attention on the important role of nature based solutions in building resilience. Beyond the negotiations themselves, the conference could be influential for new global standards on company reporting.

Here are some key takeaways from the report

  • COP27 could help determine whether scope 3 emissions are included in new global disclosure rules

  • Negotiations will make decisions on ways to support the growth of carbon removal technologies, including through access to international carbon markets

  • Support for nature based solutions could help to unlock the potential of natural assets to capture emissions and build resilience against climate change


  • 01 Introduction

  • 02 What COP27 means for business: A global standard for emissions disclosure

  • 03 What COP27 means for carbon removal: supporting access to carbon markets

  • 04 What COP27 means for nature-based solutions: unlocking finance to build climate resilience

  • 05 Outlook for COP27

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