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BeZero Carbon and ZeroSix join forces

  • Global carbon ratings agency BeZero Carbon will provide independent ratings for carbon credit solution provider ZeroSix.

  • BeZero’s first ratings of ZeroSix carbon credits will be published with the launch of those credits in August 2023.

  • The partnership will expand investor access to crucial carbon credit ratings and analysis, providing them with the information they need to make better net-zero decisions.

Global carbon ratings agency BeZero Carbon is joining forces with carbon credit solution provider ZeroSix to bring high-quality carbon credits to the voluntary carbon market (VCM). 

The partnership will see BeZero Carbon Ratings featured alongside carbon offsets generated on the ZeroSix digital platform. With the first ZeroSix pilot project and carbon credits soon to launch, BeZero Carbon’s independent ratings will assess the quality of the credits, giving buyers the confidence and certainty needed to invest in the most environmentally effective projects. 

As the VCM grows in importance and size, the partnership aims to increase transparency and equip decision-makers with the information to make the best decisions to make progress toward net zero goals. 

BeZero’s first ratings of ZeroSix carbon credits will be published with the launch of those credits in Q3 2023. For its first offsetting initiative, ZeroSix has created a climate-positive solution that incentivises oil and gas producers to permanently shut in their most-polluting wells early and turn unextracted, unburned oil and gas into high-integrity carbon credits. By the end of 2023, ZeroSix expects to create credits that will keep 4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide from being produced.

Tommy Ricketts, CEO and Co-founder of BeZero Carbon said:

“We’re delighted to partner with ZeroSix to support our drive for disclosure in the VCM. It will widen access to crucial information and help drive education. The more actors are able to make risk-assessments the more confident they’ll be in channelling their capital into the most productive credits. It all starts with clean data and strict rules from Standard Bodies.”

Martijn Dekker, CEO of ZeroSix, said:

“We are honored to be working with one of the world’s top rating agencies for the voluntary carbon market and proud of what this says about ZeroSix and its work. Both of our companies care deeply about bringing trust and transparency back to the VCM and ensuring buyers know exactly what they’re investing in. ZeroSix credits are compliant by design, but BeZero’s independent ratings can assess and confirm the quality we have worked so hard to create.”