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BeZero Carbon and CORE Markets announce partnership

  • BeZero Carbon’s carbon credit ratings will be directly incorporated into the CORE Markets software platform, which provides carbon and clean energy markets data, insights and access, to corporates and wholesale clients.

  • Customers will be able to evaluate and assess BeZero Carbon’s independent ratings of carbon credit projects, before they purchase through CORE Markets.

  • The partnership is a step forward to increasing transparency in the Voluntary Carbon Market, providing market participants with the information they need to assess whether projects will meet their proclaimed emissions reductions.

Global ratings agency BeZero Carbon and CORE Markets, an Australian based, end-to-end markets, technology and climate solutions partner for global business, have today announced a new partnership, which will see BeZero Carbon’s independent carbon credit ratings hosted on the CORE Markets software platform. 

Customers of CORE Markets will now be able to evaluate, buy and sell carbon projects with access to BeZero Carbon’s world leading insights to make better decisions about their environmental investments and assess carbon credit quality.

This partnership aims to address the growing need for transparency in the market, to help businesses make informed decisions that support their sustainability journey. Better-quality information about carbon credit quality will help scale this rapidly growing market into a force for global change that can support the Net Zero transition.

Tommy Ricketts, CEO and Co-founder of BeZero Carbon said:

“Momentum in the Voluntary Carbon Market continues to grow, but the market will not scale effectively without access to independent analysis so investors can make informed decisions about carbon credit quality. We’re proud to partner with companies like CORE Markets to achieve our shared goals of improving transparency and disclosure in the Voluntary Carbon Market so it can scale, and to assist corporations to meet their climate goals.”

Chris Halliwell, Co-founder and CEO of CORE Markets said:

"To meet our global net zero targets, we need internal emissions reduction and investment in carbon projects to happen in parallel and as fast as possible. Creating better market access and efficiency is key to making this happen. The partnership with BeZero Carbon allows CORE Markets to provide our customers with an additional layer of analysis and quality assurance in international carbon markets.”