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AlliedOffsets partners with BeZero Carbon

AlliedOffsets, the world’s first aggregated data source for carbon offsetting, are using BeZero Carbon Ratings, the world’s first global carbon ratings agency, to support their data assessment of carbon credits which help researchers, individuals and organisations better understand the carbon offset market.

The data and technology firm uses AI/ML techniques to model and present price estimates for carbon credits on its platform, and will feature the headline letter rating for more than 200 projects across all sector groups, alongside their current analysis of the price points of carbon offsets.

The BeZero Carbon Rating brings a universally understood language of quality and risk to a market that is growing rapidly but fragmented and opaque. This partnership will accelerate the drive towards greater understanding, expectations and transparency in the market.

Anton Root, Head of Research of AlliedOffsets said:

“Our mission is to provide actionable data for buyers, analysts and developers within the carbon market to enable better decisions about which offsets to buy, and which projects to create and invest in.  Giving people quality pricing data helps them to make better informed buying decisions, and strengthens the quality of the market overall - reducing risk to all players. By using BeZero’s Ratings alongside our existing data sources, we can bring another layer of surety and transparency to our users - producing improved carbon reduction outcomes.”

Tommy Ricketts, co-founder and CEO of BeZero Carbon said:

“Having clarity about the quality of carbon credits is critical to creating a fully functioning carbon market. This partnership strengthens the already robust data provided on the Allied Offsets platform by using BeZero Carbon Ratings to add an independent assessment of expected carbon efficacy. The more high quality information available to organisations, the more they can mitigate risk, and help develop a market that drives better carbon outcomes.”