17 May 2022

Cloverly partners with BeZero Carbon

Cloverly partners with BeZero Carbon to provide carbon credit ratings and independent quality assessments so buyers can act with confidence.

Cloverly and BeZero Carbon are excited to announce a new partnership that will enable Cloverly, the technology-led carbon credit marketplace, to give their customers improved confidence in the quality assessment of their carbon credit projects.

The BeZero Carbon Rating covers all sectors and will provide ratings for a range of Cloverly’s projects across multiple project types. In addition, the partnership will leverage the API infrastructure of both companies to display the BeZero Carbon Rating of different carbon projects on Cloverly’s integrated marketplace. This means Cloverly’s customers will now have a new independent quality assessment to use when purchasing carbon credits.

Jason Rubottom, CEO at Cloverly, said:

“As a technology-first solution for carbon credits, transparent and independent assessments of project quality are important to us to build an efficient marketplace in the Voluntary Carbon Markets. BeZero’s independent ratings provide a snapshot of a carbon offset project's risk and quality that helps Cloverly identify the best projects for our customers. Their breadth of coverage, easily digestible rating scales, and technology-first platform provide us with the data that supports our exemplary in-house approach to project quality.”

Tommy Ricketts, CEO and co-founder of BeZero Carbon, said:

“We’re delighted to work with Cloverly to bring our ratings to their customers, and are pleased to work with a partner who wants to help their users make more informed decisions when navigating the voluntary carbon market. Our vision is to help the Voluntary Carbon Market prosper by building transparent, useful information infrastructure. Enabling the free circulation of information and risk-based carbon credit ratings is essential to helping everyone price and manage risk.”

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