16 February 2023

Deep Dive: Biochar

Ted Christie-Miller

Head of Carbon Removal

Victoria Harvey

Research Associate

11 min

Engineered carbon removal methods are recognised as necessary to meet global climate targets of 1.5°C. This sector is set to face a period of immense scaling across a portfolio of methods, including Biochar. 

Biochar is a maturing carbon removal method that thus far has delivered the most ex-post credits of all engineered removal methods, at 90.5%. As Biochar continues to mature, utilising mechanisms of the VCM will help this method scale. Rating Biochar credits will be important to enable risk allocation and price discovery for this novel method. BeZero Carbon’s strict transparency requirements for our ratings eligibility criteria will further embolden the market by improving trust for this maturing method and boosting Biochar demand.

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Key Takeaways:

1. Biochar is a maturing engineered carbon removal method. Biochar credits are increasingly sold as ex-post in the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM).

2. As this method continues to scale, third-party methodologies for Biochar will be needed to verify the removal activity. Biochar credit ratings will be necessary to understand project-level risks faced by this emergent credit type.

3. This deep dive summarises the removal method, its current state in the VCM, the third-party methodologies available, as well as key considerations for Biochar carbon credit ratings.

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