Geospatial & Earth Observation

Applied geospatial analysis in carbon quality assessment

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  • Know your boundaries: We have manually checked or reconstructed hundreds of project boundaries, the most reliable reference set in the market

  • Understand the context: Explore protected areas and biodiversity layers, project impacts on vegetation and carbon, and natural risks such as fire and drought

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BeZero’s Geospatial & Earth Observation analysis provides…

…a proprietary toolkit for assessing carbon projects

inside and outside the project area

before, during and after project activities

…experienced via interactive features on our platform

Actionable insights across key carbon risks

  • Additionality: the risk that project activities may have happened in the absence of carbon finance

  • Carbon accounting: the risk a project does not accurately quantify emissions avoidance or removal

  • Non-permanence: the risk of carbon reversals from fire, drought, sea level rise, pests or disease

Pushing the boundaries of carbon quality assessment

  • Hybrid approach: Intelligent risk analysis supported by proprietary data and models, and expert cross-disciplinary judgement

  • Comprehensive data: Unique aggregation of partnerships and data from space agencies, research institutes, commercial providers, and scientists in the field

  • Advanced techniques: From satellite remote sensing and airborne LiDAR to in situ carbon measurements, supported by proprietary machine learning and statistical modelling

Point cloud of Amazonian forest structure measured using airborne LiDAR (Embrapa Paisagens Sustentáveis). Beneath this canopy, BeZero scientists are working with Brazilian partners to monitor fire and drought impacts on forest carbon.

Published geospatial experts from top institutions with decades of experience, from satellite and in the field

An expert, multidisciplinary team

Published in Science, Nature and more


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