End User Usage Guidelines

Last updated: 5/12/22
BeZero Carbon Ltd (“BeZero”) is a global ratings agency for the Voluntary Carbon Market and, using its methodology for assessing voluntary carbon credits, has developed a rating to represent BeZero's current opinion on the likelihood that a voluntary carbon credit achieves a tonne of CO₂e avoided or removed ("BeZero Carbon Rating"). A BeZero Carbon Rating is a statement of opinion based on publicly available information as of the date expressed, it is not a statement of fact, and is not a recommendation to purchase, hold, or sell any carbon credits, securities or to make any investment decisions, and nor should it be relied upon in isolation. You acknowledge that the BeZero Carbon Rating may include information relating to future events, the outcomes of which are inherently uncertain and subject to a range of factors and risks which may alter its accuracy or relevance at any time. BeZero has no obligation to update the BeZero Carbon Rating and it should not be relied upon and is not a substitute for your own independent skill and judgment in relation to the making of investments or other business decisions. 
These End User Usage Guidelines (“End User Usage Guidelines) set out guidelines on the use of the BeZero Carbon Rating and other BeZero information ("BeZero Content") accessible via any third-party platform or website ("Platform"). Particular attention should be paid to these End User Usage Guidelines about how to reference and/or attribute BeZero analysis and/or the BeZero Content. 
Access to the BeZero Content via the Platform is subject to an underlying agreement between BeZero and the provider of the Platform ("Agreement"). These End User Usage Guidelines are incorporated into that Agreement and anyone who accesses and uses the BeZero Content are required to abide by them. 
Display and/or use of the BeZero Carbon Rating: 
You may publicly display and use each BeZero Carbon Rating in accordance with the following criteria. 
- You must always refer to the “BeZero Carbon Rating” as a noun, not a verb; 
- The syntax of the reference must be the letter rating immediately followed by the text “BeZero Carbon Rating”, e.g. AAA+ BeZero Carbon Rating; 
- You must clearly identify the project issuing the carbon credits using the registry ID; and 
- You must always publish our disclaimer or a link to our disclaimer, as below, alongside the BeZero Carbon Rating: 
The BeZero Carbon Rating is BeZero Carbon’s opinion on the likelihood that a given credit achieves a tonne of CO2e avoided or removed based on its analysis of publicly available information as at the date expressed and does not constitute a solicitation, recommendation or endorsement by BeZero Carbon or any third party to invest, buy, hold or sell a carbon credit. Nor is it a statement of fact. Nor should it be relied upon in isolation” 
Below is an example of what would be acceptable and what wouldn't be acceptable: