End User Disclaimer

Last updated: 5/12/22
The BeZero Carbon Rating of voluntary carbon credits represents BeZero Carbon Ltd’s ("BeZero") current opinion on the likelihood that carbon credits issued by a project achieve a tonne of CO₂e avoided or removed. The BeZero Carbon Rating and other BeZero information ("BeZero Content") accessible via any third-party platform and website is made available for information purposes only. The BeZero Content and in particular the BeZero Carbon Rating set out BeZero's opinion on a particular carbon credit or project based on publicly available information as at the date expressed and BeZero shall have no liability to any third party in respect of the opinion and the BeZero Carbon Rating. The BeZero Content is made available for information purposes only and you should not construe such BeZero Content as legal, tax, financial or investment advice. The BeZero Content is a statement of opinion as at the date expressed and does not constitute a solicitation, recommendation or endorsement by BeZero or any third party to invest, buy, hold or sell a carbon credit. The BeZero Content is not a statement of fact and should not be relied upon in isolation. The BeZero Content is one of many inputs used by stakeholders to understand the overall quality of any given carbon credit. BeZero shall have no liability to you or any other third party for any decisions you make in respect of the BeZero Content. 
For information about the BeZero Carbon Rating methodology, qualifying criteria and process, please click here
BeZero is a global ratings agency for the Voluntary Carbon Market. If you have any questions about BeZero, the BeZero Carbon Rating, other BeZero Content or otherwise please contact BeZero at: commercial@bezerocarbon.com