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Leading independent investment consultant Redington was seeking a partner on their journey to Net Zero. By investigating their entire historic greenhouse gas emissions from 2006 to 2020, Redington are now equipped to set informed goals and consolidate their commitment to the climate.

Independent investment consultant Redington provides advice, research and technology to the largest institutional investors and wealth managers in the UK, Europe and China, with client assets totalling over £600bn.

Conscious of using their influence as a force for good, they aligned their default client advice with the goal to reach Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 at the latest, and were looking for a partner to help them in their own commitments to the climate and a Net Zero emissions economy.

We carried out a complete assessment of their historic greenhouse gas emissions from 2006 to 2018, across scopes 1, 2 and 3, as well as calculating their carbon footprint from 2019 and 2020.

Redington are now equipped with the knowledge they need to set and reach goals along their Net Zero journey. By contributing to carbon projects using our market leading BeZero Carbon Rating methodology, they have entirely offset their historic carbon footprint, an achievement which forms the foundations of a fantastic climate action plan. With a press release announcing their accomplishment, they have demonstrated their commitment to pushing themselves, their clients and the wider industry towards Net Zero.

“BeZero were the ideal partners for us in our journey toward achieving operational net zero. They took the time to explain their approach to us, helping us to most accurately calculate our carbon footprint across our offices globally and for each of the 15 years of our company's existence. They generously shared their knowledge and expertise in selecting a portfolio of the highest quality offsets that were aligned with our company's values and our base case institutional client advice, which is in accordance with the goals of the Paris Agreement. We have been incredibly grateful for their support and guidance throughout this process and would recommend them to anyone looking to undertake this important achievement within their organization”

Lee Georgs

Chief Operating Officer

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