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Otiumberg has always been committed to slow fashion and circularity in its design and production. Keen to know more about its full carbon emissions, we looked at Otiumberg’s emissions across the whole business. Equipped with deep knowledge of material acquisition, production, distribution, use and end of life of its range,Otiumberg has become an award winning responsible brand.

Otiumberg is a family-owned demi-fine jewellery business. They make pieces that are both desirable and accessible without compromising on quality or responsibility.

They use recycled metals in their jewellery and they wanted to further understand the impact that recycled metal had compared with using what are sometimes called virgin materials.

We worked with Otiumberg to calculate their operational footprint. We also carried out deep-dive Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) into Otiumberg's key raw materials: gold and silver. We also compared the emissions associated with sourcing the raw materials from mining or from recycled metals.

Equipped with this knowledge, we then worked with Otiumberg to create and promote a carbon neutrality strategy.

Finally, we guided Otiumberg through the process of submitting their response for BCorp certification.

Product LCA for Otiumberg

Otiumberg combined the information from our LCA and operational footprint with the other ESG aspects of their business to create a responsibility page and report.

As a result of their dedication to sustainability, Otiumberg won the 2021 Marie Claire Sustainability Award for the best sustainable luxury jewellery brand.

“BeZero really was the missing link for our responsibility programme.The team provided us with the tools and analysis we needed to truly measure our impact across the value chain. We can now focus clearly on where we need to improve and how we can get there. The team was professional and encouraging to work with throughout the LCA and B-corp projects - we look forward to working with them again as we grow.”

Rosanna Wollenberg

Co-founder and Head of Brand

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