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HERO-ERA is a one stop shop platform for historic motoring. Holding regular rallies in the UK and around the world, they were interested in the environmental impacts of their organisation and events, and, working with us, they committed to accountability and action.

HERO-ERA is a leading historic rallying and motoring events platform that brings together classic car enthusiasts from across the globe. After committing to ‘go green’ in 2019, they were looking to better understand their own carbon footprint and that of their rallies and events.

BeZero designed a high-quality methodology for estimating the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from classic and contemporary cars based on a combination of an in-depth literature review and a comprehensive internal fuel efficiency assessment. Using this data, we then created a custom carbon calculator for HERO-ERA to calculate the GHG emissions from each of their rallies which factored in all sources of potential greenhouse gas activities, including round-trip transportation to each of the events, usage of classic vehicles, and accommodation.

The inclusion and publication of all sources of emissions reflects HERO-ERA’s commitment to driving standards for accountability and climate action in motoring. As a result of our partnership, HERO-ERA was able to offset their emissions for the 2020 calendar year, becoming carbon neutral for 2020 and committing to doing so again in 2021.

“HERO-ERA was looking for a dynamic team that were capable of analysing the carbon impact of the classic and contemporary motoring industry, as well as having a deep knowledge on carbon trading and wider environmental issues.  We worked closely together, trouble-shooting where necessary in order to create a “best of breed” premium platform.”

Tomas de Vargas Machuca

Chairman of HERO-ERA

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