Global ratings for the Voluntary Carbon Market

BeZero Carbon Ratings can be accessed through our web-based intelligence platform, or hosted on third party platforms, such as carbon exchanges, via our API.

The Voluntary Carbon Market has very little correlation between price and risk. Not all credits are equal, and a lack of transparency and access to data is creating uncertainty.

Our approach is universal, transparent and blends investment and risk-based thinking with scientific evidence and policy frameworks.
A public, risk-based approach is needed if the Voluntary Carbon Market is to scale efficiently and become an asset class that accelerates climate action.

BeZero Carbon Ratings allow all market participants to price and manage risk.
A risk-based approach to carbon

Our BeZero Carbon Ratings framework assesses the efficacy of all carbon projects worldwide. It provides a measure of the probability that a carbon credit will deliver a tonne of avoided or sequestered carbon.
A unique offer for all market participants

Breadth of information and market coverage
Depth of qualitative and quantitative analysis
Simple and universal ratings system
Risk-based methodology and analysis

Know about the Voluntary Carbon Market

Discover hundreds of carbon projects
Understand data, information, and risks
Learn what drives carbon performance
Compare different project types
Assess project and market fundamentals

Access market-leading intelligence and data

Price carbon credits based on ratings
Manage risk of your investments
Understand risks facing portfolios
Monitor and track project performance
Assess the risks of projects under development

Access via our web-based platform or API

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