1 February 2023

BeZero Carbon joins Salesforce’s Net Zero Marketplace to boost carbon credit transparency

  • The BeZero Carbon Rating will be hosted on Salesforce’s Net Zero Marketplace, helping to build investor confidence in carbon credits and increase their adoption as a tool for net zero.

  • This announcement adds to BeZero’s growing list of global partnerships with leading carbon marketplaces and exchanges, such as CBL’s Xpansiv platform, Cloverly and Patch.

London, 1 February 2023: BeZero Carbon, a leading global carbon ratings agency, is joining Salesforce’s Net Zero Marketplace to provide carbon credit ratings.

Net Zero Marketplace is a climate action hub where organisations can find and purchase carbon credits from ecopreneurs. It aims to provide organisations with the information and tools to help identify the carbon projects and carbon credits that best align with their priorities.

The BeZero Carbon Rating gives an independent assessment of the likelihood that a carbon credit will avoid or remove each tonne of carbon that it claims to. Its ratings will now be available on Net Zero Marketplace alongside carbon credits listed on the platform, allowing market participants to assess quality, manage risk and make more informed decisions when purchasing credits.

Tommy Ricketts, CEO and co-founder of BeZero Carbon, said: “We are really pleased to be working with Salesforce to bring BeZero Carbon Ratings to their Net Zero Marketplace. This collaboration offers their customers automated access to the world's largest database of project ratings across all sectors. Understanding the effectiveness of carbon credits is vital to ensuring they are effective tools in any organisation's net zero transition.”

“We’re thrilled to welcome BeZero Carbon and expand Net Zero Marketplace's independent, third-party ratings, further increasing transparency for organisations as they develop and implement their carbon credit strategy.” said Nina Schoen, head of product, Net Zero Marketplace at Salesforce. “Net Zero Marketplace brings together Salesforce’s values, technology, and ecosystem to energise the ecopreneur revolution and scale impact.”


About BeZero Carbon

BeZero Carbon is a ratings agency for the voluntary carbon market. Combining expertise across climate science, finance and policy, it provides ratings, risk and data tools that improve information accessibility and decision making. Its aim is to build markets for environmental impact.

For more information, visit www.bezerocarbon.com or contact us at contact@bezerocarbon.com

About Salesforce

Salesforce, the global CRM leader, empowers companies of every size and industry to digitally transform and create a 360° view of their customers. For more information about Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), visit: www.salesforce.com

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