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Interior design company Milexa Group enriches spaces inside homes and offices worldwide, but it was their concern for the outdoors that led them to partner with us. They gained the carbon emissions knowledge they were looking for, becoming carbon neutral for 2020 and setting impactful reduction targets for their future.

Milexa Group is a Liverpool based interior design company, supplying homes and offices worldwide with their responsibly designed wallpaper and flooring products.

Wanting to better understand their environmental impact, they partnered with us.

We calculated the carbon footprint associated with Milexa's operations and their Hovia and Atrafloor products for the 2020 calendar year. The products consisted of a Medium wallpaper, a Heavy wallpaper and a PVC-based flooring product. We separated the emissions of each product into kg CO2e per metre squared of each product sold that year.

Using our BeZero Carbon Rating (BCR) methodology, we were able to inform and advise Milexa on how to think about offset purchases and ensure impactful contributions.

We also used this information to model and project the emissions associated with Milexa’s complete operations for 2021 and used Science-based Targets (SBTs) to set reduction targets in line with future business expansion.

Product LCA for Milexa Group

As a result of our partnership, Milexa used the up to date knowledge about their business operations to become carbon neutral for 2020. Furthermore, they are now equipped to take further action in the future to reduce emissions in their operations and product.

“At Milexa we care about our impact on people and the planet, with no in-house experts in life cycle assessments or offsetting we worked with the talented team at BeZero. Their experts helped us understand our emissions in detail for our overall business and each product and where we could make changes to deliver meaningful reductions.
The BeZero offset ratings also gave us confidence that projects we chose to invest in as part of our offset strategy would have a positive impact.
Without BeZero we would not have understood the progress we have made to date and what we need to tackle next. Credible and highly recommended.”

David Borthwick

Head of Operations

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