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The iconic swimwear label Hunza G sought a partner to deepen their understanding of their carbon emissions, enabling them to become carbon neutral for 2020 and proving their commitment to driving the standards of accountability in the fashion industry.

Hunza G is an iconic, British designed and produced sustainable swimwear label. Hunza G has always been environmentally conscientious, sourcing local materials and minimising their waste at all stages of the production process. They wanted to go further, and sought a partner to deepen their understanding of their carbon emissions.

By generating detailed Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) for all of their products and calculating all digital and physical operational emissions, we determined all sources of Hunza G's 2020 carbon footprint.

Additionally, we helped Hunza G with the creation of accessible external communications - a press release and social media content - so that Hunza G could communicate their climate actions effectively to their customers and followers.

Product LCA for Hunza G

Informed by our offsetting strategies, Hunza G made all of their products and operations carbon neutral for 2020. Working together, we helped Hunza G demonstrate their commitment to driving standards of accountability and climate action in the fashion sector.

“It was such an easy and inspiring experience, the BeZero team were incredibly professional, detailed and great to work with. They did the due diligence and dug deep into everything in our business to get the most accurate assessment of what we can improve on.
Our customers and internal team responded really well to the announcement that we had offset our carbon as we continue to strive for conscious production, which is especially difficult in the fashion world.
At Hunza G we are big fans of BeZero; they have given us structure and clear guidelines on how we can be better.”

Beverly Hill


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