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Brora is one of Britain’s best-loved modern cashmere brands and, as slow fashion advocates, were looking to understand their impact on the environment and take accountability for their carbon emissions. Partnering with us, they gained the confidence and knowledge to make informed choices about improving their carbon impact.

Brora is one of Britain’s best-loved and most successful modern cashmere brands. A long term proponent of slow fashion, Brora’s founder and creative director Victoria Stapleton has always been committed to making clothes of the highest quality without compromise. Over the years adjustments have been made to minimise Brora’s impact on the climate, but Victoria felt the time had come to take full accountability for their entire supply chain, products, energy consumed and packaging

We helped Brora understand their carbon emissions throughout their whole business. We worked together to carry out Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) of their four main materials: cashmere, cotton, linen and wool, as well as high level LCAs for other materials. Collecting all information required for full LCAs can be complex, but through weekly meetings with the Brora team and their suppliers, we were able to gather the necessary data and understand their entire supply chain.

Alongside LCAs, we also calculated their operational carbon footprint so that Brora could know their full day to day emissions and act upon them.

Finally, we supported Brora’s team with a short workshop to communicate the key findings and recommendations of the work and the relevance of data collection for future years.

Product LCA for Brora cashmere

Brora now has the knowledge they need to make informed choices based on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, such as material selection or energy intensity by shop, ensuring their brand is considerate to the environment.

They were also able to use our work and create a sustainability information page on their website, showing full transparency and concrete commitments to further and ongoing climate action.

“This is something I’ve wanted to do for some time but I wasn’t sure the right way to go about it, until I met BeZero. With five children - three daughters and two step-daughters - and a grandchild on the way, the idea of leaving a planet-damaging-legacy was unthinkable. Since I started Brora in 1993, making small runs using quality natural materials like cashmere, linen and wool, and making as locally as possible, has been a big part of our agenda. More conscious of our environmental impact in the last few years, we’ve made changes accordingly. We’re proud to have reached this milestone but there’s still work to do. This is just the beginning…”

Victoria Stapleton

Founder & Creative Director

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